Finding a DUI Defense Attorney

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Searching for a DUI attorney with experience and a good reputation can be exasperating.

There are a few key points that may lessen the stress of conducting such a search:

  • Does the lawyer (or firm) handle only DUI defense cases?
  • Has the lawyer ever received disciplinary action by the local State Bar?
  • Because DUI cases are always uncertain, there is no honest attorney that will make a guarantee of the results
  • What rating did the lawyer receive by Martindale-Hubbel?
  • Should the case go to trial, will there be additional charges?
  • Are the DMV hearing, blood reanalysis, expert fees, insurance and other possible costs included in the price quote?
  • A written contract should be demanded to establish all fees, covered services, and any possible guarantees given by the lawyer.
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As with any important decision, it is wise to meet with multiple lawyers or law firms before making a final call. Do not hesitate to ask for details on the attorney’s educational history, type and amount of legal experience, or the percent of cases involving DUI criminal charges and DUI associated DMV license suspensions. These are key details needed in order to make an informed decision when selecting your DUI attorney.

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