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Once you are arrested for DUI driving under the influence and do not have adequate car insurance, or have been high risk driver, who has had a number of tickets or are involved in traffic violations, you would be required by the state authorites to get SR 22 form. This is for high risk auto insurance.

Sr 22 form is  a requirement by the state which is the proof that you are  for driving with  adequate auto insurance coverage. This is required mainly since you have now been  labeled as high risk driver and so if you are involved in an accident than you should have adequate auto insurance coverage so that the losses can be paid.  Normally sr22 form or sr22 insurance would be given by general auto insurance companies which  are in the specialty niche and readily take up or you have too many traffic violations, you must get an SR22 bond to get your driving privileges back. But how do you choose the right company with the right coverage?

An SR 22 form is a document that is submitted to an authorized insurance company, from a driver to the states Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). This is done as a proof that a driver with a risky driving behavior history, has enough financial support (in auto insurance) to pay for any properties that he damage or injures that he cause in a car accident in the future.

Cheap SR22 Insurance

Here are a few things  you need to know to get cheap SR 22 form insurance:

  • Even if you can reduce your rates and get the cheapest SR-22 form policy, it is still will be more expensive than a regular auto insurance policy. This is because you are seen as a high risk driver
  • Instead of looking for general insurance carriers, you may want to try looking for insurance companies that specialize in coverage after a DUI conviction or other any other problem that cost you your license
  • Take a defensive driving course, install security devices in your car anti theft lock, air bags, etc. Drive less milage, dont use the car more than the necessary time, with a lower milage you can reduce your rates
  • Compare insurance coverage policy from different sites on the internet you may be able to find cheaper rates. There is a lot of competition between auto insurance companies, so you may be able to find better rates in some of them.
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See how an SR-22 form is

How to get Cheap SR 22 Form Insurance

One of the things that you can do to lower your premium if you want to, is to increase your deductible, but make sure that you can afford it in case of an accident.

As you prove that you are a safe driver again, you have no more tickets and claims, you rates may be able to go down.

To get a low-cost SR 22 form insurance, you can get quotes online and compare them, just enter your zip code in the box above or below this site.


When do I need an SR 22 form and where should I obtain it?

An SR 22 form insurance is a document that the D.M.V. (Department of Motor Vehicles) will require you to obtain once you have committed a serious traffic violation.  These violations that entail an sr 22 form insurance include driving without insurance, driving under the influence, driving drunk or driving with a suspended license.  Other reasons could cause the agency to require you to carry an sr 22 form.

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There are various situations where you will be required to file an SR 22 form. The SR-22 form is also known as the Certificate of Financial Responsibility (CFR). This SR 22 form is filed by the insurance company with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to confirm that a particular policyholder indeed has a current vehicle liability insurance coverage. In most cases, filing of the SR 22 form will be needed if an individual fails to present any proof of financial responsibility following a car accident where he was found to be at fault or after getting pulled over for suspicion of driving while impaired. In situations where an individual’s driving privileges are suspended or revoked, the SR 22 form has to be filed by his insurer to facilitate the reinstatement of the driver’s license. The other instance that would require the SR 22 form is when an individual chooses to maintain non owner vehicle liability insurance. This is a very popular choice among those who do not own and maintain their own vehicles but frequently drive rented or borrowed ones. This SR 22 form will be a certificate of self insurance issued by the D.M.V. and should contain the name of the car owner.

To be able to secure the form, you will need to visit or call local insurers and ask for quotes first. You don’t need to be hasty in obtaining the form.  Do not be forced or coerced into buying an expensive one.  There may be insurance agents that would exploit a motorist who could get scared by a court order.  It’s important to have as many choices as possible.  You can also go online to look for affordable sr22 quotes.  There are many good offers found in the Internet that local insurers may not offer to regular clients.  You have to shop for quotes before deciding on which one to buy.   Consider also buying from a reputable company so that you will be assured of good service instead of a lousy one.

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How Long is Required to Carry SR 22 Form Insurance Because of a DUI?

Some States require an SR-22 form, a financial responsibility certificate, be acquired when you are convicted of drunk driving. The SR-22 certificate itself is not an insurance policy, but instead is a guarantee by the insurance provider that you will keep insurance in effect for a certain period.

If you are required to have an SR 22 form and do not keep the SR22 certificate current, the insurance provider will notify the Motor Vehicle Division (DMV) at which point your drivers license will be suspended.

The amount of time that are required to have the SR 22 form is typically three years. According  to the State legislator under some case, such as those with an alcohol related driving violation, it could be for a different period, as long as the insured’s license has been restraint.

So it would seem that the SR-22 form would have to be maintained for either three years or for a period equal to the duration of your license suspension or revocation in your State. To verify for sure you can contact the D.M.V. .

To get the cheapest SR 22 form insurance, you can get quotes online and compare them, just enter your zip code in the box above or below this site.

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