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DUI checkpoint, later SR22 BondThe SR22 bond is basically a document (an insurance certificate or form) of vehicle liability insurance which is used by the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) offices across the US. With this type of certificate the driver can always prove that he has got the minimum required insurance coverage for that respective state. For example, if the driver is caught driving under the influence (DUI), or if his driver’s license has been suspended because he was involved in an uninsured car accident, the DMV will request the SR22 insurance form.

State law requires that all drivers should drive having appropriate insurance (financial responsibility documents). If the insurance policy has been canceled for some reason, or it has simply expired, there must be filed a cancellation of the SR22 form.

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Drivers, who have been convicted of DUI, will find it quite a challenging task to get proper insurance. If the driver has been convicted while having proper insurance in force, the insurer will definitely increase the premiums and rates for the insurance. This happens mainly because the insurer undertakes a great risk by offering coverage for drivers who have been convicted with such behaviors. On the other hand, things get even more complicated for drivers with a DUI but without proper insurance in force. There are quite many insurance companies out there which will not even accept offering insurance coverage for people with a DUI. This is where the SR22 bond option steps in.

After receiving a DUI, in the majority of the cases the driver’s license will be suspended. The driver can get back his license but only if he can make proof of the SR-22 insurance. They must fill out the SR22 form and then show it to the local Department of Motor Vehicles. Through this document the driver basically proves that he has always had insurance and that there were no lapses in coverage. The minimum of insurance is always required, and the SR22 bond will help drivers clearing problems in such situations.

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It happens quite often that drivers with a DUI or DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) or those driving without proper financial responsibility will not fill out the SR22 bond. This actually means that there has been a disruption in the coverage, and if the motor vehicle department is notified, then the driver’s license can get suspended again. When you are searching for proper insurance coverage, especially after you have got a DUI, make sure that the respective insurance company offers the SR22 bond policy option. Otherwise, you will not be able to get proper insurance.

Nowadays being able to find proper insurance even if you have been struggling with DUI or DWI is a less complicated. There are several online providers, especially the high-risk insurance providers that can offer good coverage. However, you need to keep in mind that since you have become a high risk for the insurer, the insurance rates can be typically quite expensive. Make sure to collect all the important and necessary information regarding the SR-22 bond, before you start comparison shopping for find cheap sr22 insurance quotes online.

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